Monday, April 29, 2013

Another quick post from AZ

 Anson and Yaya sure seem to be getting along.
 Anson helping Yaya climb, what a good brother.
 What fun.
 This was a cooler morning spent in Sedona
 Yaya and mom enjoying breakfast.
 Nothing like a long day on the trail.
Anson helping me put up the tent.
As you've noticed, we really haven't had much time to play with the blog. And nothings changed. So here are just a few photos of a few fun moments in AZ. We wish we had more to post. Ali is pregnant with number 3, a boy, due in July. I graduate from my masters program in a month. We're hoping to be in med school here in AZ this fall. Me getting in would call for another post. So hopefully you'll hear from us again soon.


Benjamin Eaton said...

I love his pooping in progress shirt.

Shannon said...

Your lives seem like a blast.
And congratulations on number 3!

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